The ZOOM talk series

Cornwall Film Festival is in lockdown so we wanted to bring you a little bit of behind the scenes magic from the people who make the magic.  Many thanks to all the contributors, commentators and team. Links to our YouTube channel.


Tim Hands

Tim has a career in Film and TV spanning over 30 years and has worked on many major Film and Television productions.

After graduating with a degree in Fine Art and a Masters degree in Film from the Royal College of Art, he began his career as a picture assistant editor on BBC Schools TV, Television documentaries and TV drama, and then moved into Sound Editing for Feature Films and TV.

As a successful freelance Sound Editor, he has worked on films such as ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Chicken Run’, ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Les Miserables’, as well as HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ and the Netflix series ‘Dark Crystal’.

His primary editorial area is Dialogue and ADR, but he has also been an FX Editor as well and won an EMMY for his work on ‘The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers’. His Dialogue and ADR work has earned him several further awards including three EMMY wins for ‘Game Of Thrones’.

He has just completed work on a feature film adaption of Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” and is currently at work on David Wiener’s TV adaption of “Brave New World’, both of which will be released later this year.

Molly Emma Rowe

In this episode, we join by costume designer and style writer Molly Emma Rowe. We will be finding out how you bring costumes to life on screen, discussing her previous and upcoming projects, and get advice on how you too can work in costume.

Molly is known for creating observant, contemporary costumes with a particular eye for details, fit, texture and breakdown. Her previous work as a Stylist has enabled her to both dress physiques and bond with talent, creating an uncompromising eye for detail and character.

In 2018 Molly completed filming her first period works; the third series of The Last Kingdom and has since worked on series four. She also worked Series 6 of ITV’s acclaimed Endeavour.

In addition to her TV work, Molly has designed several feature films recently with a theatrical release in the UK and USA. Last year she designed the screen adaptation of the Roslund & Hellström novel The Informer released in March 2019. Her previous work include:

Molly is a graduate of the London College of Fashion and a member of BAFTA.


Debbie McWilliams

In this interview, we are speaking to the legendary casting director Debbie McWilliam.

If you haven’t heard of Debbie, you might have heard of the films she has cast: No Time to Die, Spectre, Skyfall, Goldeneye and many more besides.

We will be talking to her about her life working in film and casting some of the biggest movies around.


Andy De Emmony

We join Andy De Emmony, director of The Nest (BBC), Four Kids and IT, Father Ted, The Last Kingdom, Cutting It and many more!

Andy started his career on Spitting Image, directing ten series of the BAFTA-nominated satirical show. From this iconic show he directed many sitcoms including Red Dwarf (Winning an Emmy) and Father Ted (Winning a BAFTA).

Moving on to more serious drama, he was BAFTA nominated for the first series of Cutting It and again for The Wife Of Bath, one of two Canterbury Tales he directed. He directed several TV movies including Fantabulosa! starring Michael Sheen, based on the Kenneth Williams Diaries, and The Wipers Times, a satirical black comedy set in WW1 which were both nominated for a BAFTA.

Other notable TV works include Moonfleet and Lucky Man for SKY and The Last Kingdom for Netflix as well as Quacks a Victorian medical comedy for BBC. His most recent work The Nest has just aired on BBC.

West is West, Andy’s first feature film, was released successfully here in the UK and Worldwide. After the release of Love Bite, a comedy horror, Four Kids and It marks Andy’s third feature film released on Sky Cinema.

We will be talking to Andy about his life working in film and TV, finding out about his favourite projects and how he works when onset.


Delyth Thomas

Equally at home with raw talent and household names, BAFTA-nominated director Delyth Thomas has worked with the likes of Sir Lenny Henry, Julian Fellowes and Idris Elba.

With her credits range from the iconic The story of Tracy Beaker, The Worst Witch, and latterly Victoria and Vera there will be a lot to talk about.

Nigel Cole

Our producer Henry talks to director Nigel Cole about some of his works, how he works as a director, the importance of storytelling and just how a set really works.

his showreel includes

Carolyn Sauders

We will be joining Carolyn Saunders to talk all about filming making, her latest projects and much more.