The 2020 Winners are….

Cornwall Film Festival Short Film Competition 2020 Awards⁠⁠

Despite all that has taken place across the world this year we had an amazing number of entries for our short film competition from across the globe and competition was furious. ⁠

Unfortunately, not everyone can be winners and the judges had their work cut out but in the end, winners were chosen. ⁠
The winners of the Cornwall Film Festival 19th Edition Short Film Competition.⁠
Best Ensemble Performance | Sticker | dir. Georgi M. Unkovski ⁠
Best Cinematography | Chumbak | dir. Tobias Worrall, Isabelle van Hoorn⁠
Best Actor in a Short Film | Tomi Ogunjobi as Jumoke in Appreciation⁠
Best Music in a Short Film | Clean | dir. Richard Paris Wilson⁠
Best Music Video | Christmas Morning | dir. Karni & Saul⁠
Best Student Treatment | A New Life Tomorrow by Patricia Smedley-Brown ⁠
Best Student Short Film | Grief Lightning | dir. Sonja Bales⁠
Best International Short Film | Sticker | dir. Georgi M. Unkovski⁠
Young People’s Youth Jury Award (YPYJ) | Adnan | dir. Steven Chatterton, Mark Arrigo⁠
Directors Choice Award (Short film)| Stitch | Dir Rosie Baldwin
Best South West Regional Short | Shuttlecock | dir. Tommy Gillard⁠ (Spinning Path)
Congratulations to the winners we shall be in touch. ⁠
To those who did not win there is always next year (news coming soon) ⁠

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