Student Winner | Cornwall Film Festival 2017

Every year the Cornwall Film Festival Short Film Competition opens its doors to student entries, the winner of which is shown in our Official Selection. This year we’ve had a fantastic array of student entries from Colleges and Universities not only in the UK but from far beyond and our student winner is reassuring that the future of UK filmmaking is in very good hands:




by Jake Earwaker

Cornwall Film Festival’s short film competition has always been about resisting the cliche and breaking conventions – and Bulldoze does this like no other. Written and directed by Jake Earwaker, 20 years old from Chesham in Buckinghamshire, and based on his own experiences with depression and self-loathing, Bulldoze sees a young man’s life being controlled by a dark entity, though he eventually realises what he needs to do break free – when he discovers that he is not alone. Jake’s surrealist student film evokes a powerful message and in a technical sense displays an skilful use of puppets as visual metaphors. Bulldoze is Cornwall Film Festival’s 2017 Best Student Film. Jake intimately discusses this:

The use of the puppets in Bulldoze were the best way I could represent the feelings of the characters, especially after a deep discussion with my dad about his experiences; he felt that the script was an accurate representation of what it felt like to suffer with depression. 

Jake Earwaker’s short film, Bulldoze, will be screened as part of the 2017 Cornwall Film Festival Official Selection at The Poly in Falmouth on Saturday 11th November at 12pm. If you’d like to catch Bulldoze along with the complete 2017 Official Selection please contact The Poly’s box office on: 01326 319461 or go to


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