Paul Biddiss | Military Advisor for Film & TV

Paul Biddiss joins us for this weeks interview. After a 24 year career in the UK Armed Forces Paul set out in the security industry as a close Protection and surveillance operative. Soon after, Paul entered the film industry as a crowd extra on Monuments Men and the rest is history!

Paul is now a military adviser working on some of the biggest action films and TV shows around including Strick Back, Vanity Fair, War and Peace, Peterloo, Gangs of London, 1917 and many more!

We will be talking to Paul about just what a military adviser is, how they work, some of the challenges of recreating battles of the past and present, and more!

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When: Wednesday 27th May | 6pm GMT

Where: CFF Facebook page 

More about Paul:

Paul runs Military advisor company PB Military Technical Advisor to Film and TV LTD. Providing trained Military advisors and SME’s with below the line industry experience. Providing the following

Script Consultancy: Assist writers with technical detail and terminology.

Training: Conducting training / Bootcamps and assisting with the selection of extras suitable for the production as well as training and advising lead cast.

Work with all departments, including stunt co-ordinators and armourers to ensure the correct effect is achieved in a safe environment.

Deliver a realistic look from historical battles to present day battlefield drill and tactics of Conversional forces, Special Forces, counter terrorist, intelligence and law enforcement services from all nations.

Check out his full credits over on IMDb and find out more on his website.



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