Cornwall Film Festival (CFF) is a charitable company limited by guarantee incorporated and registered in England under company number 5186603.   It was founded in 2004 as Cornwall Film Festival, incorporated on 22nd July 2004 and registered as a Charity in England and Wales on 3rd October 2008 number1126161. CFF is governed by its Articles of Association.


Eric Woollard White

Eric founded a television production company alongside the BBC Dragons Den Peter Jones and co-created successful television formats for the ABC Network in the United States with Simon Cowell’s SYCO production company and Fremantle (AMERICAN INVENTOR) and for ITV and the BBC in the UK and now runs Round World Studios.

Amanda Barnsley White

Acting Vice Chair

Amanda’s passion for film stems from her teaching, writing and study: she has taught scriptwriting, sold pitches to film and TV companies as an agent, has written scripts for several films, and has a number of published works including poetry collections and children’s books. Amanda has worked with schools, Arts Council Funded Projects, Cornwall Rural Community Council and Arts for Health.

John Scarlett Davis

Board member

John was involved in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and The Shining, later becoming assistant to Derek Jarman. Encouraged to pursue video art at Goldsmith’s College, John later became a prominent pop video director. His best known art piece, “Chat Rap”, has been shown at Tate Britain and this year at NFT.