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New date for DIARIES/JOURNALING No.2 is Saturday 22nd May 10 -2 pm 

DIARIES and JOURNALING – Why would we want to keep a diary? 

What is journaling? What does a diary and journaling mean to you?  

What are the wellbeing benefits of keeping a diary or journal? On this course we will explore ways to keep a journal from to do lists to remembering to dreaming through presentations, discussion and bite-sized interactive workshops.  This course will get you started and for those already journaling offer new ways, mediums and methods to explore your practice. 

Whilst we are thinking about diaries and journaling you will be invited to take part in a National day of recording for Mass Observation Survey Day on May 12th 

After studying this course, you should be able to:  

  • Understand why people wrote diaries.
  • Consider the purpose and audience of the Mass Observation diaries. 
  • Compare mid-twentieth century writing with more recent writing forms. 
  • Compare and contrast diary writing styles and formats. 
  • Develop our own diary/journal writing practice
  • Summarise diary content.  
  • Develop empathy for those writing. 

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