Local Showcase | Cornwall Film Festival 2017

A showcase of local filmmaking talent from entries submitted to the 2017 Cornwall Film Festival Short Film Competition, bringing worthy filmmakers to regional and national attention. Cornwall Film Festival seeks to represent the most innovative and adventurous from filmmakers whose short films manifest stylistic boldness, strength of form, and the ambition to use the medium in a way that resists clichĂ©. We’re thrilled to announce the best of the South West – our 2017 Local Showcase:


DOGNAPPED | Lena Karsten

Cornish editor and now short film director, Lena Karsten give us this fine dog dram. Bob the mutt wakes up to find his mate Nelly gone, and ventures out to save her. This short beautifully captures comedy and emotion in its credible direction of the animals involved. A really impressively crafted and ultimately fun short film.


ON LOCATION | Kayla Parker

Kayla Parker returns to the Cornwall Film Festival this year with yet another stunning piece. Her latest short, On Location, is a hybrid form of landscape cinema, which observes a year’s cycle of seasonal changes along an unnamed hollow way that forms the stream bed for several springs in a remote area of rural mid-Devon.

BOI | Dionne Rayner

Falmouth University student Dionne Rayner explores the trans community and how it has has come leaps and bounds over the last few years – however, there is still so much that needs to be done. This documentary focuses on how far the community has come over the last half a century, and what hinders its progression by interviewing three men who are in different stages of their transitional journeys, alongside the parents of one.

LOST AND FOUND | Enrico Artuso

Lost & Found is a short film about meaning, purpose and the value of human connection. We follow our protagonist as they embark into a new age, where the need for human labour has been rendered redundant. In a society where we are defined by our jobs, the film poses the question: what is left for us in a world without purpose?

LIFE TIME | Adam Drake

Faced with the cold reality of cancer, Patrick and Madeleine have to draw on all their strength as a couple to overcome the most challenging time of their lives. In an honest and moving account the pair each describe from different perspectives the struggle from the shock of diagnosis to devastating effects of treatment. Their experience causes them to contemplate the prospect of death and reassess the important things in life

SIFFRE | Henry Crisp

Siffre is a short film about the French speleologist Michel Siffre. Based on a true story, Michel in 1962 spent 63 days living 375 feet below ground in the French-Italian Maritime Alps. With no access to clocks, living with no natural daylight Michel perseveres through one day of his experiment went a cave in causes his record player to break and as a result leaves his mental health and sanity hanging in the balance.

AS WE GET OLDER | Barbara Santi

Barbara Santi gives us a contemplative short film on ageing dancing and friendship. We follow Shallal, an inclusive dance theatre company based in Newlyn, Cornwall. Barbara Santini has made Documentaries for Channel 4 and has toured the length of Cornwall with her work. She aims, through the medium of film to explore under-represented peoples voices and has made films on subjects as diverse as rural issues, archive film, local heritage/history, human rights, youth culture, disability, farming, globalisation and the environment.

LONGWAVE | Cain Popovski Smith

Another entry from Cornwall’s Falmouth University, Cain Popovski Smith provides a film which gives us a decaying world in which, a lone man wanders through a strange landscape looking for the ghostly echoes of humanity.  This short skilfully exhibits ideas of loneliness and isolation.


West Country based Director, Alexis Kirke tells us the story of Laura, a Buddhist and young aspiring dramatic-singer. She is living with psychosis. Buddha of Superposition is an 11-minute fictional film that uses innovative sound and visual design to take the audience inside Laura’s mental illness and tell the story of her attempts to medicate through technology, imagination and religion.

SINK | BFI Cornwall Film Academy


Produced by the team of students who applied for Cornwall Film Festival’s BFI Cornwall Film Academy; the 2017 students have produced a short drama about a troubled man left dealing with the personal struggles from his past that continue to haunt him even now.  BFI Cornwall Film Academy presents: Sink!

Come to The Poly in Falmouth and check out this year’s local showcase. For more information head to The Poly Box office below:

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