More Than Honey (2012)

This visually stunning documentary from Academy Award Nominee, Markus Imhoof takes a deep look into honeybee colonies and related industries all over the world in an attempt to answer, why are all of the bees disappearing? – and what does it mean for us?

Examining what scientists call ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’, the film looks at the potential extinction of honeybees due to human-made pesticides and diseases that are quickly passed around the species. More Than Honey illuminates on the important relationship between bees and mankind. Ominous and thoughtful, this film reminds us that without pollination from bees, fruits and vegetables altogether may too begin to disappear. If the bees keep dying, we could lose far more than just honey.

More Than Honey is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Director Markus Imhoof
Date 2012
Country Germany/Switzerland/Austria
Runtime 95 mins

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