Good Things Await (2014)

Director, Phie Ambo chronicles the humble practices of 80 year old Niels Stockholm, one of Denmark’s greenest farmers. Not only does he deliver fine produce but he is totally biodynamic in his process. His farm, Thorshøjgaard, and his green efforts are an example by which all farmers should strive to operate.

Good Things Await is not simply, a year-length biographical portrait of Niels and his farm however; when the government and authorities threaten to shut down Thorshøjgaard. This slow, serene film documents the farm’s supporters and enemies. Neils Stockholm and Thorshøjgaard becomes Ambo’s case study on biodynamic farmers versus bureaucracy and reminds us that making the green choices do not come without their share of hardships.

Director Phie Ambo
Date 2014
Country Denmark
Runtime 96 mins

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