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C-Fylm Film clubs in Cornwall

Film clubs are a brilliant way to involve a wide cross-section of the community in film by making it very accessible. C-Fylm is the name of our film club programme which is funded and supported by FEAST, Carn to Cove, Cornwall Film Festival and the British Film Institute. C-Fylm helps community groups to run film clubs in various parts of Cornwall. Filmgoers must become members of the overall C-Fylm club and this enables them to see a wide variety of programming including brand new releases on a subsidised basis.

C-Fylm was set up because independent film clubs are required to pay a license fee of around £85-£100, per screening, to the film distribution company. This is not a sustainable fee for some film clubs with only 30-40 members. C-Fylm works across Cornwall to help people living in small, rural communities see movies locally, at an affordable price. If you would like to attend a film club, please get in touch with the organiser listed in the details on the map above. If you would like to set up your own film club click here.

To learn a little bit about what Social Media Marketing platforms are at your Film Club’s disposal, take a look at our powerpoint: Download Here

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