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Big News! We are rebranding!

Announcement: Cornwall Film Festival is rebranding!

Since its founding in 2002, Cornwall Film Festival has evolved into a media charity that supports the whole of Cornwall as well as representing Cornish film and media on a national and international stage. 

We think it’s time we showcased that evolution and celebrate ALL the work we do as a charity.  We’re thrilled to announce our new name MOR MEDIA CHARITY. We put a lot of love and thought into our name change. We wanted to reflect our Cornish roots – ‘mor’ is Cornish for sea – as well as highlighting that we are a charity, working in all media, to support those that need us most. 

While this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed at all. We’d like to invite all of our supporters and followers to join us in celebrating what we do and looking forward to an exciting future for our charity.

Mor Media Charity  will incorporate our core strands: 

Charity – Cornwall Film Festival has been MORE THAN JUST A FILM FESTIVAL for a long time. As a charity, we now support between 6,500 – 9,000 people across our projects, every year, through Community projects, education and media training, events and Industry work. 

Events – including a year round docs film screening programme, year round indie film screening programme, outdoor screenings, advisory work for all the community cinema programmes in Cornwall, as well as the hugely popular annual Film Festival – this year’s 20th edition is set to be a brilliant and bold return to live events in Cornwall following the Covid pandemic

Community – projects, including audio stories such as the Community Stories Cornwall project with a focus on health and wellbeing 

Education and Media Training – including Arts Awards, an ESF programme, digital literacy skills for adults, European Film Factory, as well as offering year round volunteer and internship opportunities. 

Industry – including skills training, masterclasses, networking events and our very successful talk series with industry professionals that reached 80,000 people. 

We’ll be celebrating the 20th edition of the Film Festival and the launch of Mor Media Charity with an exciting event in July! Stay tuned to our platforms for more info, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news and content! 

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