BFI Film Academy – for young aspiring filmmakers.


displayAre you 16-19? Passionate about film? Want a career in the film industry? If so, the BFI Film Academy is for you. This course offers you the chance to be part of our future film industry.

As a student of the Film Academy you will get hands-on filmmaking experience which will help you to develop practical knowledge and skills,¬†explore your own creativity and passions in a supportive and dynamic environment and¬†gain invaluable experience working alongside industry professionals who are respected practitioners in their field. What’s more, you will watch a range of cinema from British Independent to specialised films and¬†work towards a ¬†practical film-based, either individually or as part of a team.¬†Once you have completed the Network course, you will become part the growing BFI Film Academy alumni network with access to events such as BAFTA career talks You will also have the opportunity ¬†to complete a film industry standard NFCE Qualification ¬†on the course

The cost to participate in the BFI Film Academy is £25. But if you will struggle to pay the course fee, don’t be put off as you will be able to indicate this once you are accepted on the course and this fee can be waived. Bursaries will also be made available if you require assistance with travel, child care or other costs. More information about who can apply for bursaries can be found here

You can take a look at some of the great short films made by previous participants at the BFI Film Academy on YouTube:

What’s more, you could also apply for one of our six intensive residential programmes. Courses last between one and two weeks and are designed to develop more specialist filmmaking skills. You will work closely with leading industry professionals who will give you a unique insight into the filmmaking business and guide you along the way.

Find out how you can use film to achieve a NFCE Qualification:


For an idea of what’s in store, here are two promos for last year’s¬†BFI Film Academy course.

How does Cornwall Film Festival fit in?

We have teamed up with BFI,  to deliver professional filmmaking workshops to young people in the region. The Academy training programme will be used to develop the skills of local talented young people from Cornwall who hope to pursue a career in filmmaking or the media.

Cornwall Film Academy aims to help train and inspire the next generation of British filmmakers, supporting talented and committed young people aged 16-19 (if you are 19 and attending a University course you can not attend Film Academy) to develop the knowledge and skills to help make a career in film a reality. We will offer opportunities for training in the film industry, from writing and directing through to production, Sound Mixing and Recording, Cinematography, editing with opportunities to learning about film history, cinematic storytelling and the exhibition and distribution of film at a local level, for the first time.

The programme will deliver 70 hrs of training with a NFCE Qualification which will involve reviewing film events, researching filmmakers, directors, producers and the different rolls in production and film companies, distribution and the business of film. The participants will work with the team and keep a record by creating their own worksheets and portfolio, this could be a digital portfolio of video, website, blog or app.

Participants will be given career guidance and support and will also be supported with any practical barriers to their participation, which may include travel costs, childcare or additional support with specific learning difficulties.

Film crew at work


Applications will open on 1st August and closed on the 25th September for the 2016 Academy.

Application will be made by online form and participants will be notified on the 3rd October

Key Dates to be launched soon

For more information about the BFI Academy 2015, contact Cornwall Film Festival office via email, or take a look at the Academy website.

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