Creativity in the County

Throughout this year’s Short Film Competition we have been keeping an eye out for work either created in, or inspired by our home county. We are thrilled to annouce the will be showcasing this selection of the the very best in local filmmaking to be screened at Falmouth’s The Poly  as part of the 15th Edition of the Cornwall Film Festival on Saturday 5th November at 11am.

Wet Dream


By Joel Duddell | 15:16

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Stan is sick to the back teeth with the daily grind of his monotonous city lifestyle. Surreal daydreams punctuate his working week as he pines for the sea. One weekend on the rugged Cornish coast he has a magical encounter and an epic journey ensues.



By Paul Hills | 03:46

Penryn in Cornwall grew a unique variety of rhubarb but in 1955 the sole grower was so mean he tried to destroy every last crown in a huge fire. But he failed and it was saved. 86 year old Gerry Brown tells the story.

Earth Beneath My Feet


by Ella Jane New | 19:34

A woman living in the depths of a Cornish valley has her solitude disrupted by a traveller on her way to Lands End.

On A Sunday


by David Lea | 06:20

An old man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of deepest Cornwall…but this time they’re not alone.

Cornish Saints


By Lizzie Arthur & Truro Cathedral | 05:53

Using their craft and stop-motion animation skills, local children animate the stories of the Cornish saints. This endearing tribute to their heritage is a fantastic exhibition of the enthusiasm and the creativity of local Truro children.

 + Chalk

A short film made by the BFI Cornwall Film Academy 2015 | 9:19

“Life Changes, Love Doesn’t”. Phil, a young gymnast, is not the most popular girl at the gym and often suffers the ridicule from Leila, the gym’s Queen Bee (or so she likes to think). However, Macey has stuck by Phil’s side so much that Phil has developed feelings for her that she has never had for anyone before. When Phil has a horrific accident during practice that puts her life at risk, she sees the world differently and the future she can have with the one she cares about most.