karl philips

Karl Phillips

Karl is Former Associate Dean and Course Leader for BA (Hons) Film at Falmouth University. Karl has worked as a freelance film journalist and editor, as a promotions manager for a film theatre, and also founded what later became known as the Pixelate Student Film Festival.


Susannah Shaw

Currently CEO of Curzon Cinema, Susannah is the former director of the Animated Exeter Festival and has spent years working at the famous Ardaman Animations and the BBC.


Lee Trewhela

What’s On Editor of The Cornishman, The Cornish Guardian and The West Briton, Lee has had over 20 years experience reporting on local leisure and entertainment.


Dr. Sarah Arnold

Senior Lecturer in Television and Film, and Head of Film at Falmouth University, Sarah has written Maternal Horror Film: Melodrama of Motherhood, co-authored The Film Handbook and presented her research papers at multiple international conferences.



Anna Navas

Anna is Film Administrator at Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University and Film Programmer at Plymouth Arts Centre. Having Studied her undergraduate degree in Plymouth and her MA in Exeter, Anna is highly experienced with with film in the West Country.



Denzil Monk

Former Chair of Cornwall Film Festival, Denzil is now an Executive Producer at the production studio Dogbite, an Associate Lecturer at Falmouth University and is producing a slate of features as Founder/CEO of the film company, Western Light Pictures.



Brian Clay

Secretary of British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) – South West Group Brian Clay is extensively experienced in society organisation and is at the heart of film clubs in Cornwall.



Alison Wallace

Programme Leader for HND Media  Moving Image at Truro College, Alison works at the core of the student media community, having partnered with Cornwall Film Festival on multiple occasions to help young people engage with film.


Gaia Meucci

Gaia is a film festival professional with international experience in film curation, copywriting, programming and research. As a film programmer of Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, Gaia is very interested in short films and therefore a perfect judge for our 2015 competition.

John SD

John Scarlett Davis

John was involved in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and The Shining, later becoming assistant to Derek Jarman. Encouraged to pursue video art at Goldsmith’s College, John later became a prominent pop video director.


Matthew Warner

As a lecturer of Media and Film at Cornwall College and a graduate of the Cornish College of the Arts, Mat is a pure example of homegrown talent sharing Cornwall Film Festival’s goals of educating and cultivating young people in the local Media industry.