“Make sure this strange little film isn’t one you let get away.” – Mark Kermode, The Observer, ****

Special screening and producer talk with CFF Director Louise, presented in partnership with It’s All About the River Film FestivalA poetic portrait of the world’s most celebrated maker of salmon fishing flies, Megan Boyd.

Boyd lived in isolation in the Scottish Highlands where she taught herself the almost mystical art of fly making. While no-one can explain why salmon will take one lure but not another everyone agrees Boyd’s were not only objects of incredible precision and beauty but the most successful flies ever made.

Boyd received an OBE from Prince Charles for her services to Fly Fishing as well as international recognition from within her sport. Yet, until now, she has remained largely unknown and unappreciated outside the angling community.

Filmmaker Eric Steel’s (The Bridge) curiosity was piqued on reading a lengthy obituary in The New York Times on her death in 2001. His beautifully crafted documentary makes a case for Boyd as one of Scotland’s great unsung artists. Employing a lyrical mix of interviews, meditative landscape photography and animation (from UK artist Em Cooper) Kiss the Water explores a remarkable woman’s utter dedication to the perfection of her craft.

“KISS THE WATER is like dreaming and eating dessert at the same time.” – Jerry Seinfeld

This tender beautiful film was touted on its UK premiere in the Observer as the find of this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival.

Film producer Kate Swan of the British Documentary Kiss the Water introduces the beautiful story of Megan Boyd, who transformed fishing flies into pieces of art – both magical and lethal. This film explores the myths surrounding her workshop through breath-taking cinematography and hand painted animation.

Venue   The Old Chapel, Sand Lane, Calstock, Cornwall, PL18 9QX
On Sunday 14 September  7:30pm
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