Cornwall Film Festival will host a pop up Into Film Festival the world’s largest free film festival

A celebration of film & education for 5-19 year olds and their teachers. It aims to put film at the heart of children and young people’s learning, contributing to their cultural, creative and personal development.

Wednesday 13th November

Starting 1pm  Ends 3.10 @ SPRING GALLERY The Poly Falmouth 

Diego Maradona | Dir Asif Kapadia |2019 |130 mins |12 A | English / Italian / Spanish (English subtitles) | Documentary, Sport | BOOK NOW | FREE 

In 1984, the world’s most expensive football player, Argentine sensation Diego Maradona, moved from Barcelona to play for Napoli, a team in the poorest area of Italy. Looking for a fresh start to his career, Maradona’s inherent footballing skill turned the team around and helped them win the first trophies in their history. However, his time in Italy also found him involved with organised crime, drugs and numerous scandals, affecting his life both on and off the field. This documentary, from esteemed filmmaker Asif Kapadia, explores the price of fame and the way sport can define a culture and a city. Covering the entirety of Maradona’s six-year stay in Naples with crisp, never-before-seen archive footage, ‘Diego Maradona’ gives us an intimate insight into one of football’s most famous icons.

Friday 15th November

Revolting Rhymes Dir Jakob Schuh, Jan Lachauer | UK |2016 | 60 mins | PG | Comedy, Animation Start 10.15 ends 12.15 including workshop | FREE | BOOK NOW | KING CHARLES HALL

Based on the much-loved collection of short stories and poems by Roald Dahl, this mischievous double-bill presents fairy tales in a way you’ve never seen before! The stories of Snow White, Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, Jack & The Beanstalk and Cinderella are all mixed together and served with a delightful, slightly naughty twist in a way that only Dahl could conjure up. Told as two separate short films, both are narrated by the big bad wolf, who seems to have all of the answers, as well as a story of his own to tell. ‘Revolting Rhymes’ are delightful animated adventures from the creators of The Gruffalo, with all of Dahl’s playful language intact.

Jellyfish | Dir James Gardner | UK | 2018 | 101 mins | 15 | Drama Starting 13.30 end 15.10 | FREE  BOOK NOWKING CHARLES HALL

Fifteen-year-old Sarah has to keep her family afloat. As the sole caregiver to her family and manic-depressive mother, she juggles looking after her younger siblings and a part-time job with her school work. Affected by her difficult circumstances and bullying by students, she is often told-off by teachers for being rude and gobby. Spotting potential untapped talent, her drama teacher encourages her to turn her insults and quick-temper into stand-up comedy, leading Sarah to find a creative outlet for the chaos in her life. But her preparation for the school’s showcase is disturbed when her family’s financial circumstances become a priority. The film explores some tough issues that are at times highly distressing to watch and should be approached with caution and sensitivity. However it also gives valuable insight into some of the difficulties faced by young carers from working-class backgrounds and highlights the possibilities of creativity as a platform for self-expression.

MID90S | Dir Jonah Hill | 85 mins | 2018 | 15 | Comedy, Skate, drama start 16.30 end 18.00 in conjunction with Falmouth Art Gallery Sidewalk Surfer exhibition | FREE | BOOK NOW | KING CHARLES HALL

In 1996, 13 year-old Stevie finds an escape from his troubled home life in Los Angeles when he befriends a group of teenage boys at a skate shop and decides to become a skateboarder. Despite his inexperience, the four other boys take him in and Stevie responds positively, eager to please the young rebels. Together they roam around the neighbourhood causing trouble and mischief, aiming to stay out as long as they can to avoid the difficulties that await them at home. In Stevie’s case, his older brother Ian is violent and his single mother Dabney becomes worried of the effect his new friends are having on him as he encounters a number of new experiences. ‘Mid90s’ is an expressive coming-of-age film from first-time director Jonah Hill with a pulsating soundtrack which explores serious themes such as mental health, addiction and abuse.