Sgil Cymru – Production Manager

Delivered by Sgil Cymru, apply now for two weeks of intensive training at Pinewood Studio Wales, Cardiff.  The schedule includes practical workshops, special industry guests, software training and more.
The main course tutor is Sue Jeffries, a film and television producer and director with over thirty five years’ experience in production grades.  As Sue guides participants through, she will be joined by a number of experienced film PMs and Line Producers who will share their expert knowledge, all announced soon. Course participants should either have a minimum of three years’ experience in film production in a junior role in any department, but be interested in a role as a Production Manager, or have some basic experience as a Production Manager, possibly in short film or on microbudget productions.
This training course will be taking place between November 21st – December 2nd.
Make sure you get your application in before the deadline – 12pm on Wednesday 9th November 2016.
If you’re interested visit the Sgil Cymru website here for more details:
Or email or phone them on 07843 779 870 if you have any questions.
Good luck!