Dasserghi Kernewek | Revival of the Cornish Language


As part of the Dasserghi Kernewek project, led by Cornwall Council’s Cornish Language team and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, a short film will be commissioned to tell the story of the modern revival of the Cornish language.

They will be looking for a film maker who can interpret and creatively communicate the story of how Henry Jenner, a prominent figure of the Celtic revival, led a movement to reanimate the Cornish language. The film can be either documentary or fictionalised drama, and approximately 10 minutes in length, and obviously must be in the Cornish language.

Short Film Requirements:

  • Must be based on characters and stories in the revival.
  • Should be of suitable quality for either broadcast television and/or film festivals. The aim is to enter the film into, at least, the two following festival;

    Celtic Media Festival (2017 as a working project, 2018 as a finished film).

    Babel Film Festival (for minority language films, Sardinia – December 2017).

  • The film must be delivered to the commissioners ready for screening by November 30th.

The resources of the Cornish language team will be available to the commissioned film maker to support this process and are offering a fee of £6,000, for this commission.


  • Make the story of the Cornish language revival more vivid and accessible to a greater number of people.

  • Raise awareness of the Cornish language.

  • Create high quality, innovative Cornish language resources


The film is expected to appeal to:

  • Cornish speakers.

  • People interested in minority languages.

  • Those interested in Cornish culture, history and language.

  • A wider public who are made aware of issues relating to minority cultures and small, regional languages.

Also required:

  • A statement outlining why you should be considered for this opportunity. The successful applicant will have a good track record of documentary / drama documentary film making, and a substantial knowledge of Cornwall and the context for this film.
  • An idea of the stylistic and creative approach you might take to the brief.

  • CVs of individual members of the team.

  • Links to any films or websites you’d like us to look at –a maximum of 3.

An email confirmation of receipt of your EOI will be sent.

Shortlisted candidates will be met during the week beginning July 17th to clarify any outstanding questions, and confirm the selected film maker / film team by the end of that week.

For any issues of clarification please contact the FEAST office in writing by email: rose@creativekernow.org.uk , or phone 01209312502.