Autism Uncut

For decades, autism has been misrepresented and stereotyped in TV, film and media – or simply cut out altogether. So The National Autistic Society are launching Autism Uncut, an awards ceremony to celebrate the best of TV, film and media that gives the public a greater picture of autism, the person and what to do.

Their ‘Too Much Information’ film has been watched 56 millions times and now it’s your turn! Autism Uncut are inviting aspiring students and professional filmmakers to help give the public a greater understanding of autism. If you think this could be you, your job is to create an original four minute film shedding light on the real world of autism. Your film can be about anything to do with the world of autism, from how you view autism, to what autism means to you.

The deadline to enter is 1st December 2016.

For more information about Autism Uncut and how to apply, click here:

Good luck!