What you want to see at the 2018 Cornwall Film Festival

17th International Cornwall Film Festival

We wish to invite expressions of interest from community groups, individuals, organisations, teams, festivals and their partners for a wide range of activities to contribute to the 16th International Cornwall Film Festival. We are particularly keen to encourage innovative and creative ideas, participatory activities and collaborative proposals from groups of projects and/or ideas with the potential to attract wider and/or more diverse participation in the Film.

Why do we need an Expression of Interest (EOI) ? The Expression of Interest form allows us to assess the suitability of your project against our current funds and fundraising ambitions.

As part of the Cornwall Film Festival’s wider engagement activities, we are planning to hold the largest Film Festival to date in Cornwall during November 2018. The ‘Festival’ aims to provide groups, communities and other partners an opportunity to enjoy, reflect, share learning and discuss all aspects of film and filmmaking, have fun and do something new to reach and engage with, individuals, communities and community organisations not currently involved in the Programme.

Through a mix of screenings, workshops, interactive and participatory break-outs, art work, artist moving image exhibitions, performances, off-site and digital activities, we hope the Festival will highlight the rich and exciting world of film not only produced in the UK, but also the best European and World Cinema, Heritage or Archive film and Independent film. This could be a silent film screening with live music, heritage film screening of your location, a children’s sing-a-long, a dress up Western night, one of the latest International award winners, a talk or film led discussion, a joint charity fundraiser, a Bollywood style curry night, a specialist interest documentary, a dance with film, a youth group screening, outdoor cinema or a classic movie with popcorn!

We hope this will enhance the public profile of your group or community, learn new skills, establish new partnerships as well as producing something special for Cornwall. Our Festival team will get help you plan and produce your project, advertising and marketing and providing expertise with licences and resources.

We are keen to receive ideas that contribute to the Festival:

  • Which involve larger scale activities, such as installations or complex staging activities (e.g. associated with performances).
  • Have multiple inter-linked activities – that could be combinations of events talks, participatory activities, interactive displays, visuals or creative outputs – with more complex staging or logistical requirements.
  • That are Breakout Sessions – a session of up to one hour where key community and stakeholder audiences are identified and engaged in the developing the content of the session and which will provide a new film going opportunity.
  • Involving off-site or fringe activities which require advance booking of venues, time to arrange access, arrange partnerships, market activities to audiences, address health and safety issues, deal with issues such as ticketing, etc.

Expressions of Interest do not need to be formal, an A4 describing your event should be submitted as an e-mail attachment to info@cornwallfilmfestival.com (please quote EOI Film Festival 2018: in the subject line) by 29th June 2018.

They must outline:

  • Lead applicant name and address, contact Telephone no. preferred method of communication, group represented.
  • What sort of activity would you like to propose.
  • How community organisations and other partners will be, involved in developing, co-producing, and delivering the proposed activity.
  • When – Any special days or dates. Weekend/evening
  • Where the activity will take place, indoors/ outdoors, any specific practical requirements in terms of space, length of session, audio-visual equipment, off-site venues, rehearsal or set-up time.
  • Why – who might the activity(ies) be of interest to, any special groups we could promoted/ publicised to target audiences/participants.

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