Director Jamie Adams to be added to the Festival roster

Jamie Adams is a writer and director whose artistically distinctive films have seen him gain great popularity in the realm of British comedy. Jamie Adams film directorThe production company Jolene Films has produced a trilogy of low-budget and largely improvised comedy films in recent years, featuring the likes of Alice Lowe, Craig Roberts and Dolly Wells. Adams also recently directed the BBC pilot A Brief History of Tim, which has been picked up for series.

Songbird Shot on Cornwall’s own university campus in Penryn, sees Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother, Avengers: Infinity War) take on the hilarious role of ex-Britpop rockstar Joanne, who wakes after a wild night to discover she has drunkenly enrolled at university. Intent on giving her millennial peers a run for their money in the partying department, she’s shocked to learn that they’re more interested in yoga and kale smoothies than the rock and roll lifestyle she’s accustomed to. Co-starring Jessica Hynes (Paddington 2, Shaun of the Dead) and Noel Clarke (Kidulthood, Adulthood, Doctor Who), and written and directed by Jamie Adams (Black Mountain Poets, Benny & Jolene), Songbird is a feel good comedy about the search for new beginnings and the realisation that, sometimes, you’ve just gotta rock ‘n’ roll with it.
The Poly, Falmouth Friday 9th November 2018 | tickets
Dir Jamie Adams | 2017 | UK | 95 mins | Comedy | Age rating TBC | start 20.30 end 22.30



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