CFF (organisation)
CFF (organisation)
CFF (organisation)
CFF (organisation)
The Cornwall Film Festival (CFF) was established in 2002 by a group of enthusiastic Cornish filmmakers as a platform to screen short films made in Cornwall and to develop an audience for film.

The first festival screened 63 shorts and two feature-length films. Since then, the festival has steadily grown to include a range of skills workshops, educational events and professional development opportunities and, in 2008, became a registered charity. The Cornwall Film Festival charity is managed by a board of trustees who oversee the governance of the organisation, with a steering group providing support.

In 2014 the board appointed Louise Fox as director to create a sustainable creative vision for the future of the work of Cornwall Film Festival. CFF mission The Cornwall Film Festival is an organisation of cultural exchange that aims to promote engagement, enjoyment, diversity and participation in specialised film. One of its core functions is to develop audiences for the diversity of film ranging from specialised British and world cinema to archival and repertory screenings and events. The focus is on increasing access, cultural choice and experiences through a year round programme of festivals, seasons, screenings and talks.

Some key CFF milestones

2005 Cornwall Film Festival established a young person’s film festival, Screen Actions.

2007 The Cornwall Film Festival held the UK’s only short-form surf film festival event, Board Shorts showcased surf, skate and snowboarding films.

2011 Board Shorts was held in partnership with The British Surf Film Festival in Newquay.

2012 C-Fylm a new programme of short and feature film screenings for the local community in village halls and community centres.

2013 Became a member of the SWWM Film Audience Network creating innovative year round programmes

2014 Lights, Camera Action training programme launched.

2015 First Green Film Festival in Cornwall  : First BFI Film Academy started under BEACON the Education, Training and CPD  

Follow through to our CFF Logs here to view agendas and notes from our previous board meetings.