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Cornwall Film Festival 19

Monday 11th November | 17.30 – 19.30 | Free | + Director Q&A  | @Spring

Think differently! Celebrating Neurodiversity is a programme of short film work in partnership with Exeter University #ExDxFilms created with the help of neurodivergent artists, The Art of Autism and Production Company, Calling the Shots. Introduced bu Jean Harrington with Director Q&A Eddie Callis

The films were designed to raise dialogue about autistic adults’ experiences of diagnosis and how the notion of neurodiversity has influenced their lives. Sometimes I Think I’m Better invited autistic adults to explore the notion of Neurodiversity and what it means to them. This film is accompanied by an animation created by the artists.

Friday 15th November | 16:30 – 18:05 | Free | SCREENING & TOUR: MID90S WITHFALMOUTH ART GALLERY EXHIBITION

A 13 year-old boy befriends a group of skateboarders in 1990s Los Angeles. Students are invited to visit the Surfer Exhibition at the Falmouth Art Gallery before the screening.

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