Columbus & TJ Wilcox: In the Air


CAST Film Club, Friday 12th February
Double bill:
COLUMBUS by Wilhelm Sasnal
Admission: free
Food from 6.30pm on a first-come-first-served basis; ‘something hot and something sweet’ for £6.
Screening starts at 7.30pm
CAST, 3 Penrose Road, Helston TR13 8TP

film club Wilcox Sasnal final

The fifth screening in the CAST Film Club series curated by Kelly Taylor features a double bill – films by two artists for whom history has an abiding fascination.

Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal is best known as a painter, but has also written and directed four feature-length films, ‘Huba’ (2013), ‘It looks pretty from a distance’ (2011), ‘Fallout’ (2010), and ‘Swineherd’ (2009). He uses photographic imagery – drawn from films, art reproductions, pop culture or his own phone – as the starting points for his paintings.

The short film selected for the screening at CAST focuses on the figure of Columbus, the first exporter of Catholicism to the Americas, extending the artist’s longer term fascination with the Catholic Church, especially its symbolic and emotional stronghold in his native Poland. Sasnal interleaves sections of film with title cards telling the story of Columbus’s voyage to the New World, in a series of laconic statements in which historical fact blurs with otherworldly fable.

For ‘T. J. Wilcox: In the Air’, the New York-based artist created a remarkable new panoramic film installation, which filled most of the second floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art in 2013. Wilcox revisited the “cinema in-the-round” panoramic presentations that appeared at the dawn of film history in the late 19th century, bringing the concept up to date with state-of-the-art technology.

Shot from Wilcox’s studio with its 360-degree views of Manhattan from high above Union Square, ‘In the Air’ tells New York-specific narratives related to the spectacular views seen through the artist’s windows: an architect’s vision of the Empire State Building as the landing site for trans-Atlantic zeppelins; Andy Warhol’s welcoming the pope-mobile with a flurry of silver Mylar balloons; the life in the spotlight of artist, starlet, and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt; and the mesmerizing Manhattanhenge, the phenomenon that occurs when the sun sinks slowly at the Western edge of East-West city streets with perfect precision, creating a magical effect within the canyon-like walls of the city’s grid.

The screening starts at 7.30pm, with an introduction by Kelly Taylor, curator of the Film Club programme.

Download a pdf poster for the event here.

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