possibleheaderCornwall Film Festival returns from 2nd – 13th November with its 15th edition to showcase the best of film from within the county’s boarders and beyond! 

Last year Cornwall Film Festival took over a town for the weekend, this year we’re covering 60 miles! We will be partnering with two local independent cinemas to exhibit our festival selection though a series of events this winter.

rachel_tunnard Industry Events

Here, find  all of the dates an times for the 2016 Cornwall Film Festival Industry events including talks from director, Rachel Tunnard, BBC producer Hanne Beresford, and Head of Channel 4 Drama, John Yorke. Don’t miss our networking events and Official Selection awards ceremony either.

d-lowe-rotoscoping0250 Years of Film at Falmouth

Having worked on films such as The Empire Strikes Back and Ridley Scott’s Alien, Dennis Lowe returns to Falmouth to join us in celebrating it’s 50 years of filmmaking.

Our Partner Venues


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We’ll be returning, by popular demand to our first partner, Falmouth’s The Poly. Situated at the centre of Cornwall’s media heart, and former home to the Cornwall Film Festival, The Poly . The Polytechnic Hall, home to The Cornwall Polytechnic Society was built in 1835 and has seen a rich history from housing inventions such as The Man Engine to accommodating the artifacts of The Falmouth Museum. Since its conception The Poly has been a beacon of the arts, history and science in Cornwall and it’s a real treat to return home to exhibit the best of Cornish arts.


2016’s Cornwall Film Festival is not however, about just about breaking temporal boundaries and looking at the past, its also about aiming towards the future; looking at what’s to come in film and meeting the future media professionals of the area through networking events. What better place to achieve this than Newlyn Film House. Completed earlier this year, the brand new Newlyn Film House boldly exhibits the latest in independent film and has quickly become an artistic landmark of the harbour town.


New meeting points in film

The Theme of the 15th Edition of the Cornwall Film Festival

In a time of new European nationalism, of razor-wire fences and renewed border controls, of mass immigration and homegrown terror, of fear and insecurity where the proponents of closed national societies seem to be gaining ground against those favouring liberal, open regimes, the concept of boundaries seems more pertinent now than ever. The 15th edition of the Cornwall Film Festival responds critically to these issues of identity, immigration and location through a curated programme with the theme: BOUNDARIES.

By bringing communities together we aim to encourage both the visual, theoretical and practical exploration of ideas through film culture. We hope to open up new possibilities to rethink personal & political spaces, investigating new meeting points in film that are positioned outside the boundaries of any clearly defined place, characteristic, jurisdiction and control.

The festival will provide a multi-layered environment of plural narratives, which audiences read differently in relation to their own experiences, offering attendees the unfamiliar and unpredictable, the Avant–Garde and occasionally provocative viewing experience. With audiences having a whole range of experiences, the issues of connection, diversity and quality sit at the heart of the Festival programme for 2016.


Soon, right here you will be able to purchase tickets or individual screenings and venue festival passes which will get you into every event hosted in a specific venue.