New meeting points in film

15th Edition of the Cornwall Film Festival

In a time of new European nationalism, of razor-wire fences and renewed border controls, of mass immigration and homegrown terror, of fear and insecurity where the proponents of closed national societies seem to be gaining ground against those favouring liberal, open regimes, the concept of boundaries seems more pertinent now than ever. The 15th edition of the Cornwall Film Festival responds critically to these issues of identity, immigration and location through a curated programme with the theme: BOUNDARIES.

By bringing communities together we aim to encourage both the visual, theoretical and practical exploration of ideas through film culture. We hope to open up new possibilities to rethink personal & political spaces, investigating new meeting points in film that are positioned outside the boundaries of any clearly defined place, characteristic, jurisdiction and control.

The festival will provide a multi-layered environment of plural narratives, which audiences read differently in relation to their own experiences, offering attendees the unfamiliar and unpredictable, the Avant–Garde and occasionally provocative viewing experience. With audiences having a whole range of experiences, the issues of connection, diversity and quality sit at the heart of the Festival programme for 2016.