No Pain Whatsoever

Alex Kendal wins Best Short

Alex Kendal wins the Best Short at 2018 festival for No Pain Whatsoever


NO PAIN WHATSOEVER is an adaptation of a short story by the iconic mid-20th-century author Richard Yates (best known for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD). The story explores the dilemma of a woman facing the reality of a having a partner shackled by serious illness, rendering their romantic relationship obsolete and leaving the rest of her life in a state of flux. Conversely, he has to deal with the trauma of sickness and confinement, and the knowledge that he is unable to participate in her life or the world beyond his ward. The film aims to explore the nature and power of relationships and loneliness – and in particular give a refreshing and provocative perspective on this woman’s need for autonomy, both emotionally and physically.



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