The Uncertain Kindom

New short film initiative

The Uncertain Kingdom

The new short film initiative aiming to provide a portrait of the contemporary UK is coming to Falmouth in March.

The Uncertain Kingdom has given 20 filmmaking teams up to £10k each to make a short film that’s entertaining, original and relevant to the UK in 2020, whether political or personal, macro or micro, all of the films must give a bright flash of insight into how the filmmakers see the UK now.

Actors participating in the projects include Alice Lowe (Sightseers), Mark Addy (Game Of Thrones), Steve Evets (Apostasy), Hugh Dennis (Fleabag), Andy Hamilton (What We Did On Our Holiday), Ruth Madeley (Years & Years) and Laurie Davidson (Cats).


  • British People – dir: Lab Ky Mo
  • Death Meets Lisolette – dir. Guy Jenkin
  • Ernie – dir. Ray Panthaki
  • Isaac & The Ram – dir. Jason Bradbury
  • Pavement – dir. Jason Wingard
  • Swan – dir. Sophie King
  • The Life Tree – dir. Paul Frankl
  • Verisimilitude – dir. David Produ


  • Borrowed From Our Children – dir. Leon Oldstrong
  • Camelot – dir. Alison Hargreaves
  • Left Coast – dir. Carol Salter
  • Motherland – dir. Ellen Evans
  • Sauna – dir. Stroma Cairns
  • We Are Not The Problem – dir. Dominika Ozynska
  • What’s In A Name – dir. Runyararo Mapfumo


  • Acre Fall Between – dir. Antonia Campbell-Hughes
  • Grit/Oyster – dir. Rebecca Lloyd-Evans
  • Strong Is Better Than Angry – dir. Hope Dickson Leach
  • Sucka Punch – dir. Iggy LDN
  • The Conversation – dir. Lanre Malaolu

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