2018 Students Shorts showcase

See the 2018 best student shorts on Saturday, 10th November 2018 from 14.00 – 16.00  at King Charles Hall | Church Street | TR11 3HX Falmouth | United Kingdom

ALL Tickets £3 (including Free entry to Regional shorts) Available from Eventbrite  & on the door 

Jacks Mind Dir Jake McBride | UK | 11min

Jack is sixty years old, lives alone and regularly looks after his granddaughter Samantha whilst her father is at work. He understands that imagination is prominent throughout childhood but becomes diluted and lost as we grow into adulthood; he wishes to exaggerate the importance of imagination to Samantha through exercising her creative mind in everyday situations. A key theme apparent in Jack’s Mind is flight. Jack was once an aviator; building the bridge between flight in the sky and soaring in the mind.

Growing Pains Dir George Rawding | UK | 6min

Sue and Malc lead a simple life, but their 14 year old son Adam has changed. He stinks, he won’t leave his room and he refuses to shave. It’s time for the “Talk”

Blessed Days Dir Valentina Casadei | FR | 13min

Adèle, an 85 years old lady, confronts very hardly the loss of her husband, after 63 years of shared life. An unexpected dream, will bring Adele to relive the last moments of their life together, at the museum. She will be able to overcome the pain.

Cornwall’s Areas of Natural Beauty Dir Sam Harwood & From Ocean to Plate | UK | 2.7min & 2.5min

A short piece highlighting the dramatic cliffs and coastlines that Cornwall has on offer & A short film demonstrating the journey fish make from the ocean to the plate.

Seachange Dir Carol Rea | UK | 5.5min

Filmed in Cornwall showing where I am now and the layers of memories that led up to my seachange. Music by Moby.

Healing Dir Zuzanna Karpińska | Poland | 17.5min

Unisia is a typical girl in her twenties. She studies American Studies and lives with her caring mother. She leads a life in lack of excitements, until she answers the phone call from Fullbright Program. She gets a chance to take part in one-year scholarship in Chicago. Unisha got excited by the idea of leaving home for a year- unlike the mother who is addicted to her child. At first quietly and indirectly than aggressively mother tries to stop her daughter from leaving her.

14 Stories & 39 Lies Dir Joe Inman | UK | 22mins

14 Stories and 39 Lies (2018) is a performative documentary focusing on storytelling in Cornwall. A collaboration with residents of Falmouth and Penryn, director Joe Inman creates a story of a transient resident falling in love with Cornwall – seen through the eyes of the people he meets. Utilising several different modes of filmmaking, from recreation to documentary – Stories & Lies explores storytelling in coastal communities, engagement with local areas and spaces, and the responsibility that we have to keep local history alive.

Tassy Dir Sarah Niemann | Germany | 8min

‘Tassy’ is a portrait about British surf champion Tassy Swallow. The film focuses on her career as a professional surfer, as well as her surf club ‘Tassy’s Surf Ratz’, that she founded in 2012 to encourage young girls to surf and help them build self-confidence in a very male dominated industry.

POOF Dir Dean Anderson | UK 16.5min  [winner]

Aaron, an apprehensive 18-year-old, is stuck. Stuck in a small town, helping his father in a job he hates. His life is soon turned upside-down when he meets Mike at a party. At first, Aaron denies his feelings but an unexpected kiss changes everything. As he enters into a hidden relationship with Mike, Aaron finds that some secrets are harder to keep than others. The more he explores his sexuality, the more he begins to consider the impact this may have on the rest of his life.