NEWLYN FILM HOUSE: 11th – 13th November

Friday 11th November | School of Film and Television Opening Gala


Cornwall Film Festival presents: First Feature – British Breakthrough Filmmaker

Highlighting the work of Early Career filmmakers.

Adult Life Skills

Dir Rachel Tunnard  | UK |  2016  | 96 mins | 15

Expanding her BAFTA-nominated short film, writer/director Rachel Tunnard has crafted a charmingly offbeat comedy-drama featuring a wonderful central performance by Jodie Whitaker as Anna, a young woman approaching 30 who has refused to deal with life after the death of her twin. Living in a shed in her mother’s backyard, she hides in her imagination (and makes amusing movies featuring her thumbs), but faces her arrested development when she bonds with a troubled young boy. A magical and engaging new British film. Lovers of the Hoff won’t be disappointed either!

“Rachel Tunnard’s impressive debut takes a lighter look at the stresses of modern living” – Little White Lies

“Director Rachel Tunnard does a fine job of balancing the film’s laughs and its tears without feeling as though it’s forcing either. ★★★★★” – Jonathan Pile, EMPIRE

+ Q&A with Director Rachel Tunnard & Professor Chris Morris Falmouth University Film and Television School

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Saturday 12th November

11:00 – 13:00

2016 Cornwall Film Festival Official Selection

A showcase of filmmaking talent, bringing worthy filmmakers to regional and national attention. Cornwall Film Festival seeks to represent the most innovative and adventurous from filmmakers whose short films manifest stylistic boldness, strength of form, and the ambition to use the medium in a way that resists cliché.

+ Award Presentations

for the Best Student, Official selection short together with the  Golden Chough Award for contributions to Cornish filmmaking sponsored by the Delabole Slate Company.

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13:30 – 15:15

Swiss Army Man



Dir Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan | US | 97 mins | English | 15

Making waves at Sundance this year, Swiss Army Man has been praised by critics for its beauty, heart and quite frankly its absurdity. Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan’s debut film sees Hank (Paul Dano) stranded on a desert island contemplating suicide. When all hope seems lost Hank finds a corpse washed up on a beach, a dead body played by Daniel Radcliffe with some miraculous abilities, that might just save both of their lives. Easily one of the most unusual and entertaining films of the year its a perfect fit in the Cornwall Film Festival 2016 Selection, merging humour and heart.

“The film is elastic, transmogrifying from a psychological drama into a literally excremental comedy and then a hard-edged survival picture, occasionally embracing the cosmic and turning into an emo hipster answer to “2001: A Space Odyssey.””

– Roger Ebert .com

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13:30 Wheal Betsy Room Chywoone Hill, NewlynTR18 5AR 

John Yorke Masterclass


John Yorke Masterclass Sponsored by the Professional Writing Academy

As former Head of Channel Four Drama, Controller of BBC Drama Production and MD of Company Pictures, John has shaped stories that have attracted some of the biggest audiences for drama in UK TV history. He has overseen some of the UK’s most enduring and popular programmes, from Shameless and Life On Mars to EastEnders and Holby City, alongside award-winners like Bodies and the internationally acclaimed Wolf Hall.  Into the Woods, is his bestselling book on story structure.

John has worked with a vast array of talent, from Paul Greengrass and Paul Abbott to Debbie Horsfield and Jimmy McGovern, making him uniquely placed to watch, learn and analyse the work of the finest writers in British television.

His approach to storytelling is based on the premise that there is a unifying shape to all narrative forms that comes from within. Where previous teachers of story have concentrated on “how” stories work, John looks at “why”. Into The Woods argues that once we recognise why story structure is common to all narratives (from tales heard at our parent’s knee to Hollywood blockbusters), we become able to tell all stories – and communicate – better.

As founder of the hugely successful BBC Writers Academy, John was well placed to develop a range of online courses for screenwriters, programme makers and business organisations, based on the approach outlined in Into the Woods.

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16:00 – 17:46

Burn Burn Burn

Dir: Chanya Button | UK | English | 2015 | 106 mins
Burn Burn Burn is the confident directorial debut by British filmmaker Chanya Button – is more than a typical road-movie comedy. It’s a sincere exploration of loss, grief and forgiveness and a voyage of self discovery. Laura Carmichael might be best known for her role as Lady Edith Crawley in the TV period drama series Downton Abbey and Alex (Chloe Pirrie), who after the death of their close friend James (Jack Farthing), embark on a road trip across Britain to spread his ashes – still semi-accompanied by Jack via the comic instructional videos and messages he’s left behind. En route, they meet an array of outlandish characters who both help and hinder their quest, while facing difficult truths about their shared past and the secrets they carry with them. Bolstered by clever casting in the cameo department (Sally Phillips and Alice Lowe are particularly hilarious highlights), Button injects great, crowd-pleasing levity into this very personal story about the difficulty of embracing one’s true self.

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19:30 – 22:00

Brtish Council Gala | Shakespeare on Screen

A showcase of The British Council’s Shakespeare Lives programme of nine contemporary short films celebrating William Shakespeare’s work on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death, include  MIRANDA’S LETTER with writer Teresa Griffiths.

Independent producer Anne Beresford introduces her work with the Shakespeare Lives programme. She has a long track record of producing award-winning music and arts films, recently producing the film version of HAMLET starring Maxine Peake,  she has worked extensively in dance film, most recently producing RANDOM ACTS: BIG DANCE 2014, five short films shot in UK and Brazil for Channel 4/Big Dance, as well as many films for BBC’s DANCE FOR THE CAMERA and DANCE4FILM for Channel 4.  

Shakespeare’s work explores universal themes which remain alive and relevant today exploring complex issues which have resonance in the world today such as leadership, governance, conflict, discrimination and oppression. #ShakespeareLives see the full listing here >

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Sunday 13th November

11:00 -13:00


Dir Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami | Iran, Switzerland, Germany | 2015 | 90 mins | Subtitles

Winner of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award for World Cinema Documentary Sonita is an 18-year-old female, an undocumented Afghan illegal immigrant living in the poor suburbs of Tehran. She is a feisty, spirited, young woman who fights to live the way she wants, as an artist, singer, and musician in spite of all her obstacles she confronts in Iran and her conservative patriarchal family. In harsh contrast to her goal is the plan of her family – strongly advanced by her mother – to make  her a bride and sell her to a new family.

“ Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami’s absorbing portrait of a refugee in Iran is endlessly surprising and calls into question the role of a film-maker”  ★★★★★ Nigel M Smith The Guardian

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13:00 – 15:20

The Clan | El Clan

Dir: Pablo Trapero | Argentina / Spain | Spanish | 2015 | 110 mins

Argentinian auteur director Pablo Trapero’s (Lion’s Den, Carancho, White Elephant) audaciously entertaining true-crime saga will put a grin on the face of any GoodFellas fan. A disturbing and wonderfully controlled drama based on the astonishing true story of a seemingly normal middle-class family turning to violent crime, it won the Silver Lion at Venice last year. Clan Puccio is headed by charismatic, benign patriarch Arquímedes (Guillermo Francella), who lives with his wife and children. Unemployed after the Falklands War, Arquímedes starts kidnapping members of wealthy families and demanding ransoms while holding them right under his family’s nose. Set in Buenos Aires in the ‘80s, when Argentina was in the grip of a military dictatorship, Trapero makes it clear that the climate of violence and corruption partly enable Arquímedes’s crimes. As the country inches towards democracy, suspicion around him starts to grow. Trapero brings an enjoyable swagger and ferocious wit to this immensely entertaining film, which explores the nature of authoritarianism and the banality of evil.

“full of Scorsese-like swagger ★★★★” – Robbie Collin, Telegraph

“The film has been an explosive success…. raising the bar for strongest opening ever for an Argentine film with half a million admissions in four days, before heading to competition berths at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, sure to propel this vicious Almodovar brothers-produced crime saga onto the world stage” – Peter Debruge Chief Film Critic, Variety

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16:00 – 17:20

Under the Shadow

Dir: Babak Anvari | Iran / Jordan / Qatar / UK | Persian | 2016 | 84 mins

Iranian-born British filmmaker Babak Anvari marks his feature debut with this disquieting psychological horror. Laced with tension and a keen sense of social and feminist commentary, it’s set in 1988 against the backdrop of the Iran-Iraq war and follows Shideh (Narges Rashidi), marked as a subversive for her support of the liberal opposition. When her husband is forced to leave due to the conflict, Shideh is left with her daughter Dorsa (Avin Manshadi) to hide in their otherwise deserted apartment block. As their relationship fractures, the real world and the supernatural collide to chillingly

malevolent effect. Mining the rich vein of terror from kindred (otherworldly) spirits The Babadook and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, Anvari shrewdly conjures scares through a realism that incorporates both ominous ambiguity and political allegory. As with the finest horrors, the film’s atmosphere owes much to its superlative sound design; Anvari pays respect to the genre’s established aural cues, yet executes them with a flair that creates a distinctive identity. This is a standout debut that touches on evils both supernatural and real.

“Under the Shadow serves as an impassioned allegory for female oppression – but Anvari doesn’t shortchange horror fans. He delivers an entertainment that’s fun to watch, and subversively incisive for those willing to read between the lines” – Nigel M Smith, The Guardian

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19:30 – 21:11

Truro & Penwith College Closing Gala

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Dir: Taika Waititi | New Zealand | English | 2016 | 101 mins

Winner of the 2014 CFF Audience Award, Director Taika Waititi of cult vampire comedy What We Do In the Shadows returns with the utterly hilarious Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which screened to acclaim at Sundance. Raised on hip-hop and foster care, defiant city kid Ricky (Julian Dennison) gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: the loving Aunt Bella, the cantankerous Uncle Hec (Sam Neill), and dog Tupac. When a tragedy strikes that threatens to ship Ricky to another home, both he and Hec go on the run in the bush. As a national manhunt ensues, the newly branded outlaws must face their options: go out in a blaze of glory or overcome their differences and survive as a family. Equal parts road comedy and rousing adventure story masterfully weaves lively humor with emotionally honesty. A hilarious, touching crowd-pleaser, Hunt for the Wilderpeople reminds us about the journey that growing up is (at any age) and those who help us along the way.

“It will make you honk like a goose on nitrous oxide ★★★★★”  – Dan Jolin Empire

“A troubled kid and his foster dad become fugitives — and folk heroes — in this New Zealand sleeper hit” – Rolling Stone Magazine

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